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2015 Ford Ranger USA replacement

2015 Ford Ranger USA

The 2015 Ford Ranger is hoped to come out at some of the 2014 global car shows. Also, it is assumed to appear on the market until the end of the next year as a 2015 model. Unluckily, there is still no exact information about its release date and its design.

2015 Ford Ranger USA front view

Design of 2015 Ford Ranger

The 2015 Ford Ranger will probably be released with some considerable changes in its exterior design. Even though we don’t dispose of any spy photos based on which we could give you some insight. But we can predict that this new-generation pick-up truck will undergo a couple of slight refreshments connected to the style of its headlights and grille. Furthermore, some more advancement can happen at the back of the vehicle, in the look of its taillights. Nonetheless, the 2015 Ford Ranger will keeps its standard two rows of seats in which it will be capable to welcome up to seven people. What’s more, this mid-sizer is expected to be convenient for both family purposes and off-road conditions. Speaking of the towing, even heavier cargo will be possible to be hauled by this pick-up. Speaking of the interior design, we promise to inform you about these data as soon as we obtain them.

Engine range for 2015 Ford Ranger

Under the hood, the 2015 Ford Ranger will probably be powered by the equal engine as its forerunner. The previous model was supplied with an EcoBoost 2.3 L i4 power unit with the ability to generate 143 HP. This powertrain is run by the all-wheel drive and coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. Besides, the fuel economy of this upcoming truck will be improved thanks to decrease of its overall weight.

2015 Ford Ranger USA side view

Price of 2015 Ford Ranger

The pricing of the 2015 Ford Ranger is also unknown. The only thing we can do is to assume that the cost of this new version of the car won’t differ much from the current version whose price starts from $18,160 for the base model.

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45 Responses to 2015 Ford Ranger USA replacement

  1. Todd DeMatteo says:

    I own a 04 Ford Ranger now.Its been a good reliable truck. I’am ready for the new 2014 Ford Ranger. Make it happen Ford!!! Don’t let us loyal ford owners down. My first 4×4 was a 74 Bronco. That concept of the 2015 Bronco would sell like hotcakes.

  2. Nice says:

    This is very sharp looking. Now the ranger needs a little more horse to compare to the chevy colorado that is the same size with great mpg and 302horses.

  3. ed conette says:

    I don’t want a 4 door truck so your going to have to come up with other styles to I have the best years with rangers 2000 and 2008 I no it won’t be here till the end of 2014 but send me pictures of the styles of the truck don’t like f-150s rangers are the best to me so keep up the good work ford

    • Tony Cowden says:

      Thank you ed you and I like your comment you and I both feel the same way they should just kept the 2011 model and just ad more features.

      • steve humphrey says:

        I think your both dead wrong.The new four door style is just what this day and age needs and will out do the old ranger by a land slide, great improvement by the designers of ford.

  4. Jaw says:

    I had a 1993 Ranger. One of the best vehicles I ever owned. Ran it for 218k miles. Traded for an ’07 F-150. Biggest most disappointing trucks ever. I’ve been waiting on this release ever since. However, if they are going to put an All-Wheel system on it, I’ll pass and get a Jeep.

  5. Dan Pizarro says:

    This Ford Ranger is already being made and sold as a 2013 model in Argentina. That’s probably where this website is getting it’s information.

  6. Barry Goldan says:

    when will ford, chrysler, or gm
    copy honda’s successful ridge line? chrysler had a prototye rampage back in 2007.

  7. pam says:

    Can not wait to buy this new ranger. we are a ford family. hope it gets good gas mileage

  8. Tony Cowden says:

    Dear ford why do you always seem to screw up the design? You just made a big mistake on the design of the new ford ranger. You also made a screw up on the design of the 2013 ford escape. What happen to the little ford ranger with the two bucket seat in the 2011 ford ranger. Just future idea you should ask people first what the new ford ranger should look like or you should of just kept the same body style as the 2011 just add more features in it. The Ranger has been my favorite little truck until now you go and screw up the design just like the escape. I always loved the ranger but now you got me second guessing. So before you release the new ford ranger or build it rethink of the old idea like the 2011 model and keeping it the same thanks Tony

    • steve humphrey says:

      Excuse me Tony, but I do believe Ford is trying to please more than one person here. Duh!

      • Tony Cowden says:

        Well Roger but they change the design. They added 4 doors and took away the bed space. If the bed was longer and they did not add the 4 doors there would be no problem. The new ford ranger looks like the f150. I always liked the ranger it was a nice little pick up truck until now. Also and it just not me who wishes they will keep the same design there are others out there.

        • Andrew says:

          I think it’s good to have some change every now and then. I think the Ranger size is more like the Tacoma, which isn’t as big as the full size trucks. Keeping the same design of the 2011 Ranger wouldn’t boost sales much, my 1998 Ranger XL is technically pretty much the same as a 2011 except for minor changes to the lights and cab features. This new Ranger would be awesome, right now in five years I will be buying a new truck. If Ford doesn’t have the Ranger here by then I am going to buy a Toyota Tacoma double cab.

  9. Roger says:

    Tony and everyone else, I wouldn’t get too upset about this version of the Ranger. Ford won’t sell it anywhere in North America. Not in the US, not in Canada, not even in Mexico. They apparently don’t want it to eat into their precious F-150 sales. It has been available in 180 or so other countries since the model pictured here went on sale as a 2012 model.

  10. Roger says:

    One other point, Ford stopped selling any version of the Ranger in North America at the end of the 2011 model year.

  11. Ron says:

    I have a 2009 F150 What a mistake I made. The turning radius sucks, very hard to park in tight spaces. I am a Ford Fan and Owner of many Ford Vehicles since the 1950’s. I’m hoping to stay with Ford and I will if the 2015 Ranger materializes, otherwise it will be a Nissan Frontier. Economical and Easy to Park.
    Would like 360 CCTV system with the ability to record Vandals or Burglary when parked. The Ranger will be used as a service vehicle with expensive tools and supplies.

  12. W.J.C. says:

    I have had my ford Ranger (V6) since Brand New 2000. (14 years Old) I love my truck and still runs like new. I know ford don’t want to give up their precious F-150 Sales, but I’m the kind of guy that simply DO NOT WANT, or NEED A BIG Truck. So Pushing a F-150 on me would be useless, and not to mention EXPENSIVE in every way. If ford can NOT give us Americans what we want, well then, when I’m ready to get me a New Truck… Then it will have to be: Bye-Bye FORD! Hello NISSAN FRONTIER, Here I Come. Great Ratings too…

    Ford Needs to bring back the Ranger. There are some of us who love their Ford Rangers PERIOD!!…

    Rangers get way better Gas Mileage too, and the Rangers don’t cost $100.00 to fill up either…

    What is FORD Thinking???!!!

  13. Lisa says:

    Bring the Ranger back but don’t make it look like the ridgeline. Bring back the original style of a small pickup with 4×4 capability. We are waiting to purchase as we have owned F150’s for years but looking to downsize a bit and want to stay with Ford. We also own a 2007 Ford Escape and you couldn’t pay me to change to the new Escapes. What is up with all the styling like the Honda line?

  14. Tony Cowden says:

    In my opinion the toyota tacoma is like the 2011 ford ranger just a little bit bigger. The tacoma has a bigger bed and it has four doors which i like the toyota tacoma more then then the new ford ranger.

  15. Maryann Srbljan says:

    I own a 2003 reg cab Ranger with a 4 cy and 5 sp manual. I just want a new Ranger with an extended cab (not one with a back seat, but would like a side door) 4 cy and a manual trans. Make the seats comfortable. I would have bought a new 2011 if the seats were comfortable. I need a small truck with great gas milage. I get 25 mpg around town and about the same on the road at 75mph.I’m waiting Ford Do you hear me???

  16. Robel 75 says:

    For me the new design 2013 ford ranger is the best truck for me, because as of jan. Ist week 2014, still the best seller in the philippines.

  17. J Arnold says:

    Local Ford dealer told me a couple days ago they had nothing positive from Ford on the new Ranger and I better find me a used late model Ranger soon as they were getting scarce and expensive. (maybe a good time for Jeep to bring the Comache back). Thanks

  18. Ron Rainwater says:

    I had a 2005 ranger ext. cab with v6 3.0 and I absolutely loved it. I had it for 5 years before trading up to a new Ram. The Ram is okay, however I miss my Ranger. Come on Ford, bring back the ranger with a small diesel and I will gladly part with my dodge. If not, 2016 Colorado Diesel here I come.

  19. Damien Rasheed says:

    I am almost certain ford will not sell this truck here. Mainly because the said they wouldn’t. It doesn’t make allot of since to. It’s so close in size to the F-150, it could end up cannibalizing F-150 sales, also unless the use the aluminum for the body, its gonna end up weighing about the same as an F-150. I don’t see it.

  20. joe r says:

    if you don’t build a ranger similar to previous years I will buy a chinese truck or a hyundai truck. don’t fk this ranger up

  21. RUSTY C says:


  22. Michael J. Carano says:

    I am currently in Sierra Leone where all but the main roads are dirt and with canyon like holes, and I have seen newly styled Ford Rangers on the road here. They are great looking trucks and got international truck of the year for good reason. They look better then the Toyatos that the world is so much in love with. Ford should just send the same truck I am seeing here and not try to appeal to the American market. The American market would love this truck. Ford is worried about competing with its own F-150, a monstrosity that will not fit in a garage. The US needs a good smaller truck, and the international truck of the year is the answer, if Ford is smart enough to market it right.

  23. Conrad St Pierre says:

    I just like small pick-ups, they fit my needs. Over 95% of the time I am the only in it. I do not need 4 seats. Before I went over to Ford Rangers I had a VW pickup diesel, 45 MPG was common in both local and highway driving. VW small size was fine with me. My Ranger with 2WD, manual, 4 cy is not quite as good with gas, but satisfactory, 23 MPG local driving in the winter (mid NY state) and 30+ MPG in the summer on the highway. Ford dropped it because sales were not good, but I do not ever recall see an ad or commercial for a Ranger in the last 5 years of its life. In 2007 when I bought my last Ranger, there was an auto slump with rebates. I was willing pay more just to have a small truck. Also a small truck while being better on gas, the tires and other maintenance items generally cost less. My next truck is going to be a small one no matter who makes it.

  24. Yolando says:

    The new Ford ranger is a very common design unlike the the old one fewer in the road.

  25. Aaron says:

    I have Ranger 4X4 with the 4.0 v6 I use it for everything: landscaping, hauling furniture, plowing snow, and going to the cottage. The 4.0v6 is thirsty but I just like the size of the truck.

    Ford please make us a new compact truck. Put the 3.7l v6 from the new Explorer in it, make it available in an extended cab, crew cab, put 4 wheel disc brakes and a rear bench seat in it and I will buy 1 in a heart beat.

  26. Peter Molnar says:

    I agree that a midsize pickup would fill a popular segment. I need the versatility of pickup, but like efficiency, styling, 4wd capability and comfort. I have no use for a full size, as they use too much fuel, have over kill towing and hauling capabilities, etc. I will be looking at the new Tacoma when it comes out (as I had a 2006 version), the new Canyon and Colorado, and hopefully, the new Ranger (had a 98 and 04, although thought them a little small, and gas thirsty though). I am a Ford guy as well, and would love to possibly add the new Ranger to my 2012 Mustang GT.

  27. Chase says:

    Make a 4 cylinder diesel version please! Good fuel economy with good pulling power, practical people don’t care about 0-60 with their truck.

  28. Hello: I would be interested updated information about the new 2015 Ford Ranger that may be coming to the USA market. Thank you.

  29. Keith Goodwin says:

    I really want ford to bring back the Ranger so i can down size.I have 2006 ford 150 and i want to down size to a ranger.

  30. guest says:

    This is stupid. The Ford ranger was supposed to be just a small, basic truck, if I’m going to buy this, I might as well buy a full-size.

  31. Chrs says:

    They can give it any name they want, but that is not a truck. And anyone who thinks different need only try and get a sheet of plywood into that thing.

  32. Lawrence says:

    This 2015 Ford Ranger is already being sold in Brazil, I see them all the time.

  33. Matt says:

    I hope that is not what it looks like. Because that is not a very attractive looking truck. The need to redesign it. Make it a full size truck like back in the day. Come on ford you can do better then that.

  34. Matt says:

    I also have a 92 ford ranger with 126k miles and still runs like new.

  35. Mark katz says:

    My 1984 ranger diesel is on its last leg brings back small diesel engine 2.2 L

  36. Chris Loda says:

    Hi folks, I do owe a 2014 Ford Ranger, 4 WD with European specs. This truck was assembled in Australia with pretty much of it`s components made in South Africa. The engine is a 2.2 L turbo charged Diesel providing 150 hp, connected to a 6 Speed manual Transmission! with a moderate push on the gas pedal, you can easily go 30 mpg. My version is a Crew Cab, seats are comfortable for 5 people. This Truck is awesome!!!
    My version is the XLT Edition which comes with almost everything,
    including light/rain sensor, a superior stereo system and speech controlled items.
    Probably you guys in the U.S need to put some force on your dealerships to make it become available to the US- market!

    so long, Chris

  37. marc says:

    I currently have a 1993 ford ranger that has 476000 miles on it and am waiting for a brand new 4 door design to replace it, please Ford please don’t displease me and all the other followers of you product..

  38. Arnie says:

    I have an 02 ranger 4×4 one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. and I have had a lot of fords since 1977. Over 150k on it now. ….Ford wont make what we want because they want to sell F150’s instead which generate more revenue and profit. Rangers sell for half as much but cost almost the same to build. Dah!

  39. RandyS says:

    I had a 1993 and 2007 ranger the best small truck I had need get rangers back in the U.S.

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