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2015 Toyota Tacoma concept

2015 Toyota Tacoma

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma will hopefully have its first appearance sometime during the next year at one of the world’s car events.

Shortly after that, it will be available on the market. This brand-new truck is hoped to fulfill all the expectations of the future customers.

2015 Toyota Tacoma front view

Design of 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Speaking of the refreshments in the exterior design, there is still no exact information or official photos. According to some reports, this upcoming Japanese will have a reduced overall weight because of implementing aluminum in its production. Thus, its fuel consumption is believed to be lowered, too. What’s more, it is supposed to obtain larger dimensions, as well as a bigger fuel tank. Also, we can expect some additional colors in its usual color palette. However, the interior look of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma will remain pretty much similar to the previous model. It will keep its standard two rows of seats where it will be able to welcome up to five people. Yet, quality of the materials will be improved, and there will be some more technology elements.

2015 Toyota Tacoma view

Engine range for 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Under the hood, the 2015 Toyota Tacoma is likely to be powered by two different engines. The first option will be a 4.6 liter V-6, while the second one will be 5.7 liter V-6 powertrain. Both of them will have a direct injection and four cylinders. Also, the power units will be driven by the rear wheels through a 6-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, we can expect an improved brake system and better fuel economy. Its fuel consumption is estimated to be lowered by ten percent and to achieve 32 mpg.

2015 Toyota Tacoma rear view

Price of 2015 Toyota Tacoma

The price, along with all the information about the look and performances of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma, remain secret. Nevertheless, it is assumed to be somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000, depending on the trim and equipment. Its biggest competitor will be Chevrolet Colorado.

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4 Responses to 2015 Toyota Tacoma concept

  1. TXP-Delta says:

    “The first option will be a 4.6 liter V-6, while the second one will be 5.7 liter V-6 powertrain. Both of them will have a direct injection and four cylinders.”

    So both engines will be huge displacement V6 designs with only 4 cylinders each. Now that is radical engine design.

  2. jidot says:

    From what I read in your article, “The first option will be a 4.6-liter V-6, while the second will be a 5.7​​-liter V-6 powertrain. Both will have direct injection and four-cylinder.”

    So both machines will design a large displacement V6 with only 4 cylinders, respectively. Now is a radical engine design.

  3. Claude says:

    I am looking for a new pick-up and planning to buy a 2015 model. I saw the new Colorado pickup and like its look and features. I am trying to find out about the new 2015 Tacoma…!!! If it looks the same as 2014 then I will buy the Colorado (Chevy trucks have about the same quality/reliability as a Toyota truck) that has similar features as the Tacoma but I don’t want to buy a truck that the design is over ten years old. Tacoma hasn’t changed since I purchased one in 2005…aside from a few cosmetic changes, the aging truck remains the same. Car manufacturers need to provide information earlier on, especially with the advent of the Internet, regarding their new models so that a buy decision can be made and financing plans can be put in place.

  4. Jackie says:

    Does anyone know why there wasn’t a much of a selection in exterior colors this year on the Tacoma? Everywhere I went all I found were white tacomas for sale. Also, why was it so hard to find an access cab, does anyone know if Toyota is just making few access cabs? I don’t like the four door look. I hope for 2015 Toyota will make better exterior colors in the access cab, hopefully they will bring back the navy blue look or either a red that is not too bright, more like a burgundy red in the access cab, that is what I am looking for. Does anyone know what the exterior colors will be?

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